Living With All My Might

What a Ride
Its been an insane ride and I feel at peace now that it is over. I would have wished for more but it was how I envisioned it to be.

Gotta put the whole comments, feelings cum ranting aside for a moment. Now I can do my grading in peace and with a smile.

All I can say is that I am grateful that they found each other again. Imagine the pain and loneliness they went through for that 5 years especially for ES.

CY and ES will forever be imprinted as one of my favourite OTP of all times even a top notch higher than QIHM and I absolutely adore that show.

I've watched lots of dramas and Faith, definitely will be the classic that every other drama has to measure up against in my books.

The Darkest Night
Its here. Monday is finally here and at least things are looking up somehow. Don't ask me but I feel positive all of a sudden. Like everything is going to be all right. Not that anyone needs a reminder but Faith is ending this week. Tomorrow specifically.

There are pretty much a lot of things that the soompi forum Faithlings have covered, speculated and everyone is waiting with bated breath. That much, I understand. There isn't a lot more I can say to add to whatever that has been said.

The best part about the Faith fandom is the generosity and the talent pool that they possess. Its absolutely astounding and of course, all the better for me.

Today's episode will be heartbreaking. I think it will be worse than Ep 22 and we are going to have to relive it again tomorrow before we are able to see the final episode. Ep 22 was difficult to deal with. I kept rewatching and kept feeling that pain to numb myself and even then, it didnt help much. Each tear Eun Soo cried fearing for CY was like a slash and when CY took back his proposal, my heart literally stopped. The scene where CY's hand acted up during his fight, I thought it was all going to be over. 

Of course, it was fantastic build-up to that final scene where both of them were arguing. Both of them wanting nothing more but to protect their beloved's hearts and soul.

From what I gather, they were still filming yesterday. They must have been extremely tired but from all the BTS that I have watched, they still remained a good sport about it. Hopefully they get to have a long good rest and pat themselves at the back for work well done despite of all the articles or backlash the public may have.

I for one, really enjoyed the drama to the point that could be called obsessiveness. I for one, will miss Faith and the joy and despair it brings every Monday and Tuesday although I am tired from missing sleep to rewatch the episodes, squealing with the fandom when something happens to the OTP and hating a villain like never before (Yes, Im referring to you DH).

It has been a fun ride. I just hope that the ending will tie in nicely. I absolutely loved QIHM but the thing that made me disappointed was the ending with the  mobile phone bit and I must say, Im usually the one who is so fixated with HEA that I usually overlook all editing flaws and storylines that do not gel when it is believable.

I am just hoping with bated breath that questions will be answered, a satisfactory ending will happen to DH, (doesnt have to die but he could be in pain preferably with poison for the rest of his life) Queen and King gets their HEA for the next 14 years and if its not too much to hope for, CY and ES together with many Woodalchi babies HEA and bring Goryeo to its peak.

That is all I ask for. Now that's not too much right? :p
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My Favourite Leading Men
Kenshin Himura - Samurai X

Kim Boong Do - Quen In-Hyun's Man

Choi Young - Faith

Sigh, see the pattern? This came to me while I was watching Samurai X to pass time today. These are the men that I admired. If ever  there is a chance, I'd like to be attached to these type of guys.

All these heroes and stories have a common trait - Men who are killers who meet equally strong women as partners.

I knew it. I am doomed.

Happy Ever After
Imja Couple

My apologies if I don't make that much sense. I've been bedridden the whole of yesterday and I finally have the strength to get up and eat some proper food today.

In the midst of all this, I managed to read Faith's Ep 23 written preview. The part that gets to me is that Choi Young is determined to spend every moment with Eun Soo till the last day is very comforting. It looks like Eun Soo won this argument again. I don't think she ever lost any argument with Choi Young. He just lets her have her way because her happiness matters more to him than anything in the world.

I was fraught with sorrow and pain for the Imja couple after Ep 22.I thought that there is nothing to hope for and a happy ever after looks very bleak. Now that some time has passed, I realised that I did not give them credit. Its the Imja couple that we are talking about. They have fought their way and braved every challenge along the way despite the odds.

I have faith that whatever decision both of them decide to choose, it will be the best for them. That would be the HEA, wouldn't it?

So right now, like deyhra109mentioned that "The heart is at peace". I feel the same way. It wouldnt matter what decision that they decide to choose, I am sure that it would be the one that would make them the happiest. Even if its a sacrifice.

I have a feeling that maybe the current ES will be sent back through the portal and then the third item would be the future ES's location. Therefore, it would be as if ES who is cured, finally returns to CY. They would live happily ever after with many Woodalchi babies especially a daughter with red fiery hair.

Maybe, we will finally get to see CY combing ES's hair. I think that would be really sweet since we all know how affected he is by her hair. I am going to wait patiently for Ep 23 and relish the final moments of Faith drama before it ends.

I wouldn't know what to do after that. Mondays and Tuesdays were always Faith days and I looked forward to Mondays. Now that it is going to be over, I am going to find a large vacuum in my life that I am not sure will be filled up by any other drama at this current moment.

This drama affected me like no other drama did before. I never like instrumental music in OST but I really enjoyed and end up listening to it in repeat especially Faith Main - Choral Version and I am Woodalchi (Big Choi Young) version. Its as if it permeated into my life and I know its fantasy but a small part of me wished (just a small part of me) that I would be able to experience at least one tenth of the love story that ES & CY have for each other.
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Faith Ep 22 Aftermath
I am sitting here, stunned by this episode. 

My worst fears are confirmed. Sure I knew she was going to lose the antidote and that there is a chance she would die. I also knew she would stay because of her decision that shocked CY.

But nothing could prepare me for this heartbreak. I want to cry and a few tears fell but I feel like I should be strong because of CY and ES who bravely face their obstacles especially ES.

I understand her decision. In her shoes, I would have done the same. I believe in living life to the fullest and life spent pining for your love and living like a dead person? I might as well be dead. 

It still didnt make it easier to watch and those emotions, just...Ep 22 hurts. It truly broke my heart. I knew that Ep 22 and 23 would be heartbreaking or else, how can we enjoy the HEA in Ep 24? That is the pattern that dramas follow.

The thing about Faith is that they never shied away from the emotional connection no matter how bittersweet it might be. They just upped the stakes by having CY facing hand tremors at this point of time.

I have no doubt that the producers and writers would give us a bittersweet ending if they wanted to.

My heart...I just...

The only consolation I have is that CY and ES is two very strong individuals. Imagine ES, the strength it took to start over when it is hopeless. She is one of my favourite drama character ever. She is loyal, brave and lives life with all her might.

No matter what, I have faith that they will overcome this even in death. They've never given up despite everything and I am sure that they are not going to start now.

Faith, CY & ES, GM, NG, Woodalchi you might just be drama characters but to me, you have made me rethink my life and in the end, made me a better person. It made me think that I should live my life being more brave instead of just breathing on earth. What impact do I have in this world? Even if I made life better for one person, then my life would not have gone to waste.

Its the last stretch now and there are plenty of ground to cover. 

It might be foolish but I will still hope. I apologise for the emotional post. Faith tends to do it to me.
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Faith Ep 21 Aftermath

I am feeling more nervous as each episodes pass. Today is enough to give me a heart attack. Sure, we get our OTP moments but  in a bigger picture, with CY being injured, I will not say it.

I can't bear to. Thats how much I am invested in this show. I have seen them go through obstacles every episode and nobody deserves a HEA more that they do.

But yet...

I feel really uneasy. I think I am going to cry buckets. With the cliffhanger of Eun Soo being cornered by that Yuan man, I dont know what to say. CY let him go. CY is going to blame himself again. 

Whats worse is that there was no preview to at least comfort us or give us some hope that all is not lost. I am trying to stay positive but my instincts is telling me something else.

This show is going to be the death of me. Its almost that episode where we see Boong Do slashing his neck to time travel and being unsure if the talisman worked. Goodness, its that horrible, sinking feeling all over again.

I am hoping tomorrow will be a better day for our OTPs but this close to the ending?

I don't know anything anymore.

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A lazy Sunday. Back to the madness tomorrow.

I must remember to live life with all my might. Happiness and contentment comes from within.

Life. It's all good. :)

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Art of Survival
Yes, one down, a million other tasks to go. 

I finally finished grading and I still have Minutes of Meeting that needs to be done later today. Its Sunday already. Int he midst of grading, realised my elder godsister fell with her daughter(who is my goddaughter) but luckily no one was hurt that badly.

Tired, sleepy, grumpy and can't wait till December where I will get to spend my birthday with one of the most special person I know in Bangkok, away from all disruptions.

Till then, I must survive.

I am still thinking about Faith in the midst of all this though hahaha. I was reading the Soompi thread and boy, I wish I could participate in gutter talk hahaha!

Its somehow nice to be working beside my sister who is here for the weekend. She is busy doing her stuff but its nice to know that you have company and its been a while since we spent some time together.

All right, time to reward myself with some sleep and Faith is just one day away.

PS: Keeping my fingers crossed that they will still show Faith Ep 21 tomorrow. I really want to see how CY's desire to keep ES with him mounts with each day that passes and with them sharing a room...oh boy *winks* 


Gee, I wonder if the gif can be displayed properly. If not, I apologise. It seems fine when I opened the file on IE.,

I really love this scene and I have rewatched this endless times. How CY who never acted on his feelings in public actually gave silent comfort to ES. Someone mentioned that he shielded her from the world. I love that he is her protector yet, everyone who knows him already realises that she is the one who protected his heart and his soul.

I really think LMH and KHS has fantastic chemistry. You need to be comfortable and trust each other in order to relate this scene really well.

I think most of my favourite scenes in Faith drama are the ones where no words need to be spoken. Personally, I always believed action speaks louder than words.

Although both CY and ES has never said the 3 magical words to each other, I would be okay with that. I am sure both of them know at this stage anyway.

I have no idea how many times I have rewatched the episodes so far. Its Saturday and I must be crazy. I am quite happy to be doing work because it occupies my time and time passes much faster.

Till Monday then. I think I will try to do a recap for Ep 21 hahaha. A bit late in the game but still. :p 
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No need for words
No need for words

Today, I learnt how to make a screenshot and a gif image. Faith tends to do that to you. :) I feel kinda proud of myself. First time making a gif that worked!

Edit: Can't post it up but I will try. :( The gif is not that nice looking too but it works hahah!

I'm really tired as I havent been sleeping well. Rushing work and still making time for Faith drama. I worry that I obsessed too much about this OTP. Its kinda nice to know I'm not crazy since I'm not the only one hahah!

When I first saw this scene, my heart just burst. It was such a powerful scene. There was no words but those eye contact and body language screamed out louder than any words could!

I could feel that CY only started breathing when he saw her smile and made the victory sign. Knowing CY, the wait must have killed him slowly inside. He trusted her enough to let her do it. Its dangerous but he still let her do it because she wanted it and it would have given her peace instead of worrying.

He is always putting her first. CY might be a flawed individual in the beginning but ES is making him complete again.

SIgh, I just worry about the next 4 episodes although there is a little excitement.I have decided to just indulge my Faith obsession instead of suppressing it. Im just going to post more gifs, pictures and who knows I might be inspired enough to even write a fanfic!

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