Living With All My Might

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Toxic People

I lost my temper this weekend when I found out my sister borrowed my shoes without asking for my permission. Its probably because of the accumulation of everything that she has done that I lost all patience.

She said that she needed to borrow my shoes because her shoes were being repaired. I couldnt take it when I remembered she bought a few pair of shoes recently. She didnt need to wear any of my shoes!

She would borrow things without permission and would not lend me hers. Not that there were many chances that I would even want to borrow her stuff. She knows that I am upset when she borrows my stuff but she does it anyway. I don't think she ever spared a thought about how I feel. She borrows my clothes, bags, belt etc. and would even call to borrow money like there is nothing wrong to call me at night and expect the money to be transferred immediately.

I would also end up helping mum to do the stuff that she promised other people she would do. She would change the direction of the fan while she is watching TV to be comfortable. I would then wake up and get frustrated because the weather is hot. She didn't even care to share the fan like how my brother would when he is playing his console games. She is  absolutely thoughtless and selfish.

I do not enjoy being taken advantage of.

However, the funny thing about the world is that suddenly, I am the villain. It's now my fault for losing my temper on that poor kid. Why?

I realised how toxic people can be. She cried after the whole ordeal and now is angry with me! I am now the unreasonable one even after everything that she did.

I am not stupid. I can tell Mum and my brother is avoiding talking to me about it. As usual, I am supposed to bite my tongue and be patient. Let people take advantage of me.

Should I cry then? It would be so easy to pretend I am weak instead of my natural instinct to fight.

It's now my fault. How many times has it been? No matter how unfair it was, it was still my fault.

I've had enough.


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