Living With All My Might

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This morning, I woke up feeling determined. I read on Facebook about the runner who finished Boston Marathon 2015 despite his difficulties.

You can read more here:

I was touched by his achievements and my problems seems small in comparison. Something happened again this morning and I felt like screaming as usual. I kept quiet as usual. I decided to read Dale Carnegie's book. I somehow felt better and enjoyed the ride to work. I saw a lot of colourful birds, probably new species too perched at some of the branches on top of the trees. It was a beautiful sight.

Also, I saw a bird's nest perched on this leafless tree. It was there, really high up and it looked amazing! I saw this beautiful yellow bird flying across the sky. I also saw a group of birds flew together.

I was grateful and amazed at the beautiful sights that I must have missed every morning.

I almost forgot about all the other people in the car. I enjoyed the sights and suddenly, a thought came to me. Who cares about who or what people who didnt matter to me say? They don't matter.

Life is good.


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