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Sageuks & Strong Women

I finally decided to watch Empress Ki and Queen Seon Deok. I must confessed that I did fast forward some parts while watching Queen Seon Deok though. Marathoning 62 eps is no joke at all!

Something seems to resonate with me during the aftermath of watching those two shows. The leading actress has an iron will to survive in those kind of world. I kept wondering if I could survive if I lived during those turbulent period.

Even Mishil was an amazing woman! It must have been painful to make some of the decisions that they did but I suppose if it threatens their survival, they would have done anything. I know I would.

Maybe this is why I am captivated by Sageuks as compared to contemporary Korean dramas. The heroines in contemporary Korean dramas are usually sweet, Candy-like and has to be protected by the men. The women in sageuks are the exact opposite.

I admire these strong-willed women. I wish I had enough strength like they did.


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