Living With All My Might

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What is the world coming to, I wonder?

It is getting difficult to remember what it is that is happy in this world. There are epidemics, war, fighting, deaths and accidents that you feel for.

Even the smallest simplest things that bring you happiness might not be enough anymore. What do you do then?

I find myself asking these questions quite often these days.

Am I happy? What am I happy about? Am I happy with the way I'm living my life?

I wonder for hours. For the life of me, I don't know if I am happy.

It's really a sad thing.

Life still goes on though and I learn to just be grateful for everything. Say what I want to say without holding back and remember to say thank you for everything.

That's how I'm living my life now. Sure, it's simple. Sure, it's quiet. Sure, it's boring.

At the end of the day, maybe this is what makes me happy.


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