Living With All My Might

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My Steps Linger

Its been a while. Real life got in the way. Now that i get to take a little breather,  I am feeling the full effects of Faith drama.

It really doesn't matter who says what,  the truth is,  the drama just gets under your skin. Many people have commented endlessly about the many flaws that drama has and what it could have been.

My only thoughts is just the question,  So?  At first,  I was shocked by the ending with them just looking at each other and I do admit that I was greedy and wanted more but the more times I thought about it after rewatching it,  the ending was perfect and in character.

This drama really got me bad. Nothing has changed in my routine and its going to take a while for things to change. I still check in to read the soompi forum to read the info,  I check in if there are new fanfics in Livejournal and I also watch Faith at least once a day.

Like the title of the post,  the drama lingers on long after it ended. I don't think any other drama is going to replace Faith in a long long time. The feelings it left me will linger on and it reminds me of how beautiful faith and trust could be thanks to CY and ES. The most important thing I took away from the show is that I should live my life with all my might despite any challenges that would come my way.

Thank you for everything,  the fanfics,  the videos,  the recaps, the journal entries. It really kept me entertained and made me feel normal spazzing about Faith.

Thank you!

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Same here ... someone created a comms about Faith here for both archiving all things Faith (the reviews, fanfics etc.) but also to talk about Faith.

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